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In every day life there are things that can upset, irritate or challenge us. There are two options. We can pretend things are not happening, and leave them to someone else to deal with.


We can get involved. We can choose to make a difference. We can butt in.

At ButtIn, we try to find solutions that make life a little bit better.


The cost of living crisis and fuel poverty means there are people at risk of freezing this winter, particularly the elderly and the vulnerable. ButtIn  has created a range of winter packs to help people stay warm and comfortable. These packs can also be used as a gift to thank staff and customers. 

Our ButtIn portable pouch is a pocket sized solution to the two main culprits of street litter - cigarette butts and chewing gum. We can now supply the ButtIn with a flap containing foil papers which can be used to wrap up finished chewing gum. Gum chewers can retain their finished gum until they can dispose of it in a bin.

ButtIn. Portable ashtray made with a fireproof lining that extinguishes the cigarette and keeps the odour in. User instructions are printed under the flap.

ButtIn. A fantastic promotional product that enables people to look after their environment. Printed in full colour on the front and back. Minimum quantity only 500 pieces.

ButtIn. Available unprinted from stock in packs of 4, 10 and 20 - handy for business, offices and hotels for staff and guests to use.

ButtIn. Please email us with your company details for a sample.  mail@buttin.co.uk

ButtIn is supplied by Mobile ScreenWipe Limited. To view our other promotional products please visit www.screenwipe.com 

We offer promotional items that are ideal for printing with corporate logos, perfect for promotional events, giveaways, incentives, promotional merchandise and promotional gifts. We also source new promotional products. If there is an item you would like, branded with your company logo, get in touch and we will do our best to find it for you.

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