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To request a sample ButtIn portable pocket ashtray for your company or for more information please email us :- or call us on 01629 820222. We look forward to hearing from you.

ButtIn pocket ashtrays are a great promotional tool for anti litter campaigns. They are printed in full colour as standard. They can be branded with pictures and logos as well as anti littering messages. ButtIn portable ashtrays are ideal for raising awareness of smoking litter. The minimum order quantity for printed ashtrays is 500 pieces.                                         


Helping the Environment

The ashtrays are made of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and aluminium foil which can both be recycled. 

The ashtrays are multiple use. They can be used again and again. This is better for the environment than single use alternatives. 

The portable ashtrays help to protect the local environment by allowing the collection and disposal of cigarette butts.

The ashtrays are individually packed in clear polybags as standard. To reduce the amount of single use plastic used we can offer the ashtrays packed without the polybags. Instead they are packed into cardboard cartons of 50 pieces. The cardboard cartons can be recycled. There is no extra cost for this.

Councils are using fixed penalty notices to deter smokers from dropping cigarette ends. To avoid fines, put your finished butt in a ButtIn.

The ButtIn pocket ashtray is ideal for outdoor promotions, festivals, conferences and events. It is a useful giveaway item for guests, visitors and supporters of hotels, pubs, sports and golf clubs.

For venues hosting Christmas parties this is a practical promotional tool that helps reduce smoking litter around the outside of the building.

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