When visiting outdoor events, shows and festivals there is often a long walk to the nearest litter bin. Consequently many cigarette butts are dropped on the floor. The ButtIn can be used to prevent this, giving smokers a handy sized pouch to store their smoking waste in.

For event organisers, handing ButtIns out to visitors can help to reduce the amount of litter that needs picking up at the end of the event. Printed with the event logo, the ButtIn can be used as an environmentally friendly promotional tool. It could also be sold as merchandise to generate valuable revenue.

ButtIns in Cloud Cuckoo Land

ButtIn portable ashtrays were handed out to revellers at the Cloud Cuckoo Land Festival. The festival was staged on a fully operational eco farm. The organisers identified a need for a product that would stop people dropping cigarette butts as they damage the environment and would need collecting up at the end of the weekend.

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