Looking for a product to highlight the effect of litter on the environment? Want to raise awareness of a new message or policy you are putting into place? Need a giveaway item to highlight your campaign?

Printed promotional products can help. The ButtIn pouch is a way of putting your message into smokers hands. The ButtIn can be printed with your text, logos and pictures in full colour and give smokers a place to put their finished butt.

Pens are one of the most common promotional products. Rather than being branded with just a logo or company name, our banner pen gives you a large print area on which to include your marketing message. When not in use, the banner rolls up inside the pen barrel.


The 18cm x 6cm banner is printed in full colour on both sides and gives you a large brandable space to fill with your information. Get in touch for more information or to request a sample. 

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